B3 Transport RV Transport Specialist moving RV’s

Here are some more of our transport adventures we have done this year.


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Transports for B3 Transport Best job ever!!

We appreciate all of our great customers. We have so many repeat customers and that makes us feel so fortunate and blessed! Thanks to everyone we are so grateful!!!

We get asked to get these big trailers in some pretty tight spots. Some of them we have to do some pretty fancy maneuvering, but we can usually get them in or out of where they want them. Sometimes we have to spin a trailer which is kind of neat to watch. The one at the top here was stuck at the top of a hill on a driveway that the owner wasn’t able to back down safely, so we came in and Dave hooked in sideways and spun it in the driveway so that he would drive it down the steep driveway. The owner just shook his head and was very grateful.

The one with the tires, they told us “please get it as close as you can” we did.

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On the road again B3 Transport keeps on moving RV’s

And we are off again! Love what we do. We meet so many fun and interesting people. We get to travel all over the place and get to see places that we might never have seen. We have such a wonderful team!!

We have been doing alot of transports for Black Mountain Ranch in Demming. They have been wonderful to deal with. Thanks for all the referrals!!!

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More RV Transports for B3 Transport

Ok finally have a night when I am home and able to hopefully get somewhat caught up on what we have been doing here at B3 Transport. The guys and I have been keeping pretty busy this year, and it’s not even our busy season yet, very happy about that! Every once in awhile we get one that requires a little EXTRA finesse. This was one of them. But we got it out. Great job to Scott who was driving and Dave and I directed.

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More B3 Transports for early 2017

We have been super busy and want to thank all of our awesome clients!!! Also a big THANKS to Camping World in Burlington. We have had jobs over to Orcas Island, down to the docks for transport to Alaska, campers too. Even in the snow which can be interesting. We’ve also started doing some transports for Poulsbo in Mt. Vernon.

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RV Transports for 2017 Here we come!

Great start to the New Year! Thanks to all of our awesome customers Past, Present and Future. We have been busy and been picking up new clients. Black Diamond Ranch is one of our latest contacts and we really appreciate it!!

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B3 RV Transports

Here are some more of our great adventures we have had while transporting our customers 5th wheels, trailers and park models. Just love our job! Get to meet so many wonderful people and see so many great places.

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B3 Transports continuing on down the road

This past year has been awesome! We have traveled all over from North to South, East to West. We have been over to the Islands several times, down to Oregon and to Easter WA. Sometimes we have to get the park employees to lend a helping hand to install some of the big coaches. And Dave even gets me behind the wheel once in a while.  Thank you so much to all of our customers who have trusted us with your coaches.

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B 3 Transport On the Road again for October 2016

Okay back on the road again. Have a small down time so want to catch up some on our adventures.

We have been on the Ferry to Port Townsand. We have been over to Easter WA up by the Canadian border. Always a different adventure with each transport. meeting alot of awesome people and seeing so many different places.

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B3 Transports 5th wheels park models and trailers for October

Month of October continued. We had a great and very busy month.  Here are some more of the adventures and transports we had. There are so many times that the customer will ask “can you get that in there?” Or will want it put into a tight location. We always try our best and aim to please. Once in awhile we can’t do it just because there is too much trailer for the space they have picked out. Then we go to plan B. But We ALWAYS give it our all!



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